The Magic of Dean

Exclusive Magic Act for the Sophisticated

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The ultimate refined magic experience that will leave your audience delighted and astonished!

The Magic of Dean offers the perfect complement to your corporate event, celebratory evening or any other special occasion. A world away from the synthetic and tattooed Hollywood magicians of today, The Magic of Dean offers a much more refined, classical magic act without the gimmicks.

The Refined Magic of Dean and Claudine

Dean Metcalfe and his wife Claudine have been perfecting their magic for over 30 years now, having performed in some of the biggest clubs in the UK. From slick close-up magic to lavish stage performances, the duo will ensure your event or celebration is a magical one.

A magician…but no abracadabra

This established magic act is split into two different art forms: manipulative magic for the stage and close-up magic in a mix and mingle style. Seeing sleight of hand performed up-close and personal, your audience will lose themselves in the slick and smooth style of a seasoned and skilled magician. Not an abracadabra in sight.

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Looking for an event headline with that extra touch of elegance?

If you’re planning an event and need some classy entertainment to enthral and amaze your audience, The Magic of Dean will fit the bill perfectly. For over 30 years, Dean and Claudine have been entertaining guests at top venues and functions across London, the UK and abroad. From Dean’s bewildering close-up magic to the duo’s amazing stage act, your guests will be astounded by the professionalism and artistry of their performance.

Suitable for corporate events, after-dinner, awards nights, gala balls, weddings and the more intimate banqueting rooms and country manors.

Based in London and Northamptonshire, this is a high-class magical experience for an upmarket audience, perfect for banquet rooms and corporate celebrations. You won’t find any rabbits, long winded card tricks or holiday-camp magic here!

The perfect host

With so much practice and experience, Dean knows when to mingle and when to leave your guests alone, so you can rest assured your guests are both respected and entertained as they wish.

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Watch as Dean and Claudine Perform Their Magic

Take a quick look at some of Dean and Claudine’s refined stage magic and Dean’s staggering close-up magic. Great for magical entertainment at corporate events, weddings and other upmarket events across the UK.

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Why Hire The Magic of Dean?

When you hire The Magic of Dean, you will get:

  • Award-winning sophisticated magic
  • Award-winning sophisticated magic with a touch of sophistication
  • Absolute magical perfection
  • No fireworks or gimmicks
  • No fireworks, gimmicks or television set nonsense!
  • Guaranteed entertainment

With magic acts suitable for the stage and the floor, Dean and Claudine’s performances are so versatile that they will leave your audience delighted and astonished whatever your occasion.

Dean’s close-up magic is like watching an artist paint or a composer write. His fluidity of sleight of hand has been perfected after countless years performing his art. And if you are looking for a refined and elegant stage act then look no further than The Magic of Dean and Claudine, a truly magical experience with a difference.

Perhaps the best endorsement comes from within the magic community itself. When magicians themselves want to be entertained, who do they call? The Magic of Dean of course!

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